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How to choose a suitable rebar heating furnace?

How to choose a suitable rebar heating furnace?

If you want to choose a heating furnace for rebar, the first choice is the induction heating furnace. And how to choose a suitable rebar heating furnace? The following factors are important considerations:

1) The rebar type and size.
If the rebar type and size is large then should choose the in relatively high power and  low-frequency induction heating furnace.
If the rebar type and size is small then the selection should  be  relatively small power and  high frequency induction heating furnace.

2) The depth and area of the reabr  to be heated
If the rebar heating depth deep ,large area and  heating the whole then should choose the  high power, low-frequency induction heating furnace; If the rebar  heating shallow depth, small area and  local heating the should use the relatively little power and  high frequency induction heating furnace.

3)The rebar heating speed
If  the required heating speed is fast,  then the power should be used in relatively large and  relatively high frequency induction heating furnace.

4)  Whether the induction heating furnace working continuously.
 If the induction heating furnace need to continuous working hours then the power  selection of induction heating furnace should be  larger .

5) The distance from the induction heating  furnace to  equipment
If the distance between the  equipment and  the induction heating furnace  is long even need to use water-cooled cables to connect then the power should be relatively large.
These are the basics factors  for the choice of induction  heating furnace.When you are ready to buy  the induction heating furnace for rebar, you must comprehensively  analysis and apply these factors.Forever Furnce company is a professional manufacturer for induction heating system and offers free induction heat treating equipment solutions for you. For more information, please visit my website or send me emails.

Post time: 06-27-2016