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How much is a set of induction heating equipment with good performance?

It is known to everyone that the induction heat treatment equipment is a kind of equipment used for metal work-piece heat treatment. After the  Metal induction heat treatment furnace processing, the metal work-piece can effectively improve the mechanical properties of the work-piece and put it into production better. So do you know what kind of metal heat treatment furnace is currently popular? The current heat treatment market is a metal heat treatment furnace called induction heating equipment, and an intermediate frequency current to heat treat metal work-pieces. Let’s see. How much is this induction heating?

The induction heating equipment is safe and reliable, economical and energy-saving, details reflect quality

1, the area is small, the whole intermediate frequency heating equipment adopts mechatronics structure design to reduce the capital construction cost, the overall structure is compact and reasonable, the area is less than 1 / 3 of the flame furnace, which is convenient for users to reasonably plan the use of site space and reduce the capital construction cost of users.

2, less energy consumption, more efficient deep cavity crushing without dead angle, large crushing ratio, new tooth guard plate crushing efficiency increased by 20%, small energy consumption 15kW, large 55kW, according to the different changes of output.

3. The fuselage of high quality fuselage and durable induction heating equipment is welded with high quality steel plate. The strength, hardness, wear resistance and service life of the equipment are significantly improved by heat treatment.

4. Closed-loop temperature control, heating uniform heat treatment quenching furnace is processed by closed-loop temperature control system. Infrared thermometer monitors the heating temperature of metal work-piece in real time, and the system automatically adjusts the power supply to ensure that the heating temperature of metal work-piece is always within the target temperature, the heating is uniform and the machining quality is excellent.

5, PLC intelligent control, the production of simple induction heating equipment using PLC touch screen centralized operation, the automation of the whole equipment, mechanization, high degree of intelligence, can achieve “one-button” production, reduce the labor demand of users, reduce production costs.


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