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How many factors affect the price of the induction heating equipment?

As one of the commonly used  Metal induction heat treatment furnace  has always been popular in the market. It has a wide range of production scope. It can be processed as a whole heat treatment, quenching, conditioning, annealing or local heating of metal work-pieces. The quality of processed steel is good, with excellent performance, energy saving and high efficiency, maneuverability and flexibility, and is loved by users. Today we briefly analyze the price of intermediate frequency heating furnace.


The intermediate frequency heating furnace made of high-quality steel raw material is better and stable, of course, the price will be higher;Larger induction heating equipment not only uses more steel, but also requires more manpower and production technology, so the higher the price is, but the income is also higher;Although some models of equipment of different manufacturers are similar, the quotation is very different in production capacity and technology. But the point is that the price is constant. All we can do is look for more suitable IF heating equipment to achieve a higher ROI.

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