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How is the performance of induction heating equipment? How much is one?

 induction heat treatment equipment is a kind of metal heat treatment furnace which is often used in Induction heat treatment furnace  at present. Because of the traditional metal heat treatment furnace production process, there will always be some waste gas, waste smoke, dust and other substances that pollute the environment. Induction heating equipment is different, induction heating equipment uses electromagnetic principle heating, the production process will not produce waste gas, waste smoke and dust and other pollution, easy to achieve environmental protection production.

The models of the induction heating equipment for the remote-to-large-scale electromechanical production are many, and the output of each model is different, and the matched motors and other devices are different. The general metal heat treatment furnace is customized and quoted by the manufacturer according to the material, shape, size and process requirements, production efficiency, etc. of the metal work-piece of the user.

1. The heating is uniform and the quality is excellent. The induction heating device is processed by a closed-loop temperature control system, the infrared thermometer monitors the heating temperature of the metal work-piece in real time, the system automatically adjusts the power supply power, ensures that the heating temperature of the work-piece is always within the target temperature range, And the processing quality of the work-piece is guaranteed.

2. The equipment is reasonable, durable and easy to replace. the structure of the induction heating equipment is simple, the structure of the whole heat treatment quenching furnace is relatively compact, the whole area of the heat treatment quenching furnace is less than 1/3 of the flame furnace, At the same time, the main components adopt the international brands such as Siemens and Schneider, and the quality is high and more durable.

3. The loading rate is high and the production efficiency is high. The load rate of the medium-frequency induction heating equipment is as high as 99%, the starting success rate is high, and the production of the metal heat treatment furnace can be realized continuously for 24 hours, so that the high-yield production requirement of the user can be met.

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