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Hot selling the round bar heating furnace

Hot selling the round bar heating furnace

Heating is one of the important procedures. There are a lot of heating methods of round bars. In earliest time, charcoal and coal are the heat source and then liquid and gas fuels. Generally speaking,induction heating is easy to control and environmental friendly. Forever  is the professional manufacture for the round bar heating furnace.Our round bar  heating furnace was equipped the new induction heating system which has many advantages.

The main features and advantage of round bar heating furnace:

1.saving plant floor space.

2.Faster and cheaper installation at your facility.

3.It treats a specific part of the piece (hardening profile.

4.Frequency Control and heating times.

  • 5.Energy saving.

6.Can be integrated in production line.

7.Increase performance and saves space.

8.Improved environmental conditions.

Forever supply the customized induction heat treating equipment solutions, if you are interest in our equipment,please feel free to visit our website or contact with our service team.


Post time: 07-28-2016