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Hot sale for slab heating equipment

Hot sale for slab heating equipment

Forever’s Slab heating equipment is well-know for its good production performance and good service.Forever was found in 2004 which has been dealing with the induction heating and induction heat treating equipment for 12 years.Our company has rich experience so we can supply you the high quality equipment and no worries service.

The reasons for choosing the Slab heating equipment from Forever:

1.The perfect heating speed.Our slab heating equipment was equipped the new generation induction heating system which can increasing the heating speed more than before.

2.IGBT induction heating power increase the system reliability and stability.

3.All the induction heating system and transmission system controlled by PLC,induction heating system controlled by output close-loop and transmission system controlled by speed close-loop make sure that the machinery transmission speed and  output power of induction heating system remain constant.

4.Stable Performance and Perfect Protection.The stainless steel heating furnace won’t stop to work without reasons.

5.Environmental protection,no noise,dust and pollution.

6.Suitable for wide application and material.

Welcome to visit our factory for the slab heating equipment and other induction heat treating equipment if you are interest in our equipment.


Post time: 08-05-2016