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High-quality long bar heat treatment machine, Contact Forever.

High-quality long bar  heat treatment machine, Contact Forever.

Are you looking for long bar heat treatment machine from China? If yes, please contact Forever. Combining development, production and sales, Forever is aimed at providing more energy saving and more stable long bar induction heat treatment machine as well as best after-sales service.

The long bar heat treatment machine adopts the most advanced IGBT control module power supply to control the whole set of equipment with high-quality output, highly uniform spot energy density distribution and stable performance. And device is equipped with smart electric energy measurement device that can record the heating parameters and power consumption of each round bar, as well as the power consumption per shift and accumulative power consumption.

What’s more, the power supply is air cooling, which doesn’t need water for cooling. The performance is more stable and the service life is longer.

Feeding and guiding system for long bar heat treatment machine: Set individual motor and reducer for driving and multi-shaft drive & single inverter control. The components are selecting domestic famous brand or import brand. The hollow shaft between the induction heater is made of 304 stainless steel and will be cooled by putting cooling water.

Forever long bar heat treatment machine adopts closed loop temperature control system. We set one infrared thermometer at the outlet of induction heater for quenching and one infrared thermometer at the outlet of induction heater for tempering. Through PLC-S7-300 control system in console, the temperature will be automatically adjusted to the required range. Then the heating temperature can be uniform during the whole process of heat treatment.

Forever complete set of long bar heat treatment machine fully absorbs the advanced technology of the German AEG company representing the highest level in the world, and combined with China’s national conditions, perfected every detail of the induction heat treating furnace.

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