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With the rapid development of industry in China, the demand for metal steel is increasing, and the sales of Metal induction heat treatment furnace are also increasing day by day. With the technical innovation of heat treatment industry, for steel bar quenching furnace, production to achieve environmental protection processing is no longer a difficult problem, it can be said that as long as you have needs, there are ways to meet you! So what equipment is used to produce steel bar quenching furnace to achieve environmental protection? Where can I sell it? Please come with me!

Introduction of Induction Heating Equipment

Current environmental protection form is severe, want to say what equipment that steel bar quench furnace uses processing can realize environmental protection, so induction heating equipment we want to talk about. Inductive heating equipment is a kind of equipment that uses medium frequency current to process metal work-pieces, which uses electromagnetic principle to heat treat metal workpieces, heat will be generated directly from the inside of metal work-pieces through sensors, the thermal efficiency is as high as 95%, has high production efficiency, and electric energy belongs to environmental protection energy, the production process will not produce waste gas waste smoke and dust and other pollution.

where does induction heating equipment sell?

Induction heating equipment on the market for a number of manufacturers, generally, this steel rod quenching furnace prices in the hundreds of thousands to millions, is not a small investment. For large equipment, late maintenance is very important, must buy better quality, later can save you a lot of trouble, therefore, the choice of metal heat treatment furnace and manufacturers must be careful, suggest that you run a few more manufacturers or users of the site, to their own investment more protection.


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