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High frequency surface quenching equipment, is your ideal choice.

High-frequency induction hardening furnace  is one of the indispensable induction heating equipment for surface quenching metal workpieces such as steel rod, steel pipe, steel bar, medium thick plate, round steel pipe and seamless steel pipe. High-frequency surface quenching equipment is the core equipment that has been greatly upgraded for many years after fully understanding the market demand. The high-frequency surface quenching equipment has the advantages of energy conservation and environmental protection, low power consumption, high thermal efficiency, stable operation and strong adaptability.

The high-frequency surface quenching equipment with high-frequency and high-frequency surface quenching technology has high production efficiency, and the high-frequency surface quenching equipment of the high-frequency electric-mechanical high-frequency surface adopts an air-cooled energy-saving IGBT induction heating power supply control, the power consumption is more than 40% compared with the common power supply, the power consumption is low, the production efficiency is high, and the energy-saving and environment-friendly. the high-frequency surface quenching equipment adopts an excellent induction heater technology to keep continuous and stable heating, It is more simple and easy to operate, and more stable and stable.

The reasonable selection of high frequency surface quenching equipment can not only improve the utilization rate of metal workpiece and reduce the electrical loss, but also play an important role in improving the economic benefit of enterprises. As a kind of metal surface quenching and heating equipment, high frequency surface quenching equipment has excellent characteristics in performance, quality and structure, which provides an ideal choice for metal heating users. If you want to know about high frequency surface quenching equipment, induction heating equipment configuration and quotation

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