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High efficiency and Energy Saving automatic Heat treatment Line for Steel Rod quenching and tempering

Hebei FOREVER is located in the world-famous “acrobatic hometown” Wuqiao, with Hebei  induction medium frequency furnace industry high-end technical personnel. Since its founding, the company has strengthened cooperation and exchanges with many domestic professional organizations, and has advanced professional and technical standards in the field of induction heating.

The points for attention are as follows:

1. The intermediate frequency induction heating furnace should first check whether the cold water is unblocked, whether there are unsafe factors, and whether the power regulating potentiometer is in zero position before each start.

2. When overcurrent and overvoltage occur in operation, do not be busy restarting the equipment, check the induction heating equipment, whether there is short circuit, fire phenomenon.

3, because the inductor heating furnace in the heating operation, steel tubes and rollers with induction electricity. If the steel pipe is stuck in the inductor furnace, it can not be moved by man-made pliers. When pulling the steel pipe, it is necessary to make sure that the insulation at the foot of the steel pipe is good before it can be operated.

4. The inlet water temperature of the steel bar tempering and tempering furnace must be guaranteed below 35 ℃.


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Post time: 04-23-2019