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High automation of hardening and tempering furnace in PLC system

High automation of hardening and tempering furnace in PLC system

In the induction heat treatment of automobile, engineering machinery and petroleum machinery industry, the key parts, such as driven shaft, semi axle, camshaft, and other key parts, such as gear, ring and plane,which should be heat treated with induction heating equipment to improve the performance of the parts. Versatility and automatic control of general hardening and tempering furnace plays a key role in saving cost and improving production efficiency and quality. Touch screen is the human machine interface that connects people and machines, or HMI. The design of control system for intermediate frequency hardening and tempering furnace is based on touch screen HMI and programmable controller PLC. The corresponding configuration software is designed. Through sensing and communication, the hardening and tempering furnace can realize the setting of parameters in the field, the real time curve, the animation and the historical data reproduction, the operation display set as a whole, so as to realize the automation of industrial control.

Through the analysis and calculation of current and voltage in PLC, the field configuration monitoring of power density and temperature is carried out to realize the optimal control and energy monitoring of the induction heating and cooling process temperature gradient, which can better solve the problems that appear in the induction heat of various kinds of workpiece. Shorten the process commissioning cycle of special parts to ensure the consistency of the workpiece quality in the intermediate frequency hardening and tempering furnace. The key information of the hardening and tempering furnace is real-time and historical, it is convenient to monitor, provide the control basis, improve the traceability of the operation process of the general medium frequency hardening and tempering furnace and form the automatic control of induction heating.

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