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Heating and cooling in heat treatment process!

  induction heat treatment equipment is an important process to improve the comprehensive performance of metal work-pieces. Induction heat treatment   is mainly divided into three stages: heating, heat preservation and cooling. Heating is one of the most important processes in heat treatment.

The heating method of metal heat treatment is many, the first is to adopt charcoal and coal as heat source, and then apply liquid and gaseous fuel. The electric application makes the heating easy to control, and has no environmental pollution. The heat source can be heated directly or indirectly by a molten salt or metal so that the floating particles are heated indirectly.

When the metal is heated, the workpiece is often oxidized and decarbonized (that is, the surface carbon content of iron and steel parts is reduced) when the workpiece is exposed to air, which has a very negative effect on the surface properties of the parts after heat treatment. Therefore, metals should usually be heated in controllable atmosphere or protective atmosphere, molten salt and vacuum, or by coating or packaging.

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