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Heat treatment process of Intermediate Frequency Induction quenching equipment

The induction heating equipment process of intermediate frequency Induction hardening furnace is often used in quenching, followed by tempering and annealing. in recent years, new materials and induction surfacing have been deposited on the surface of workpiece by induction heating under the condition of regas protection. The process of medium Frequency Induction quenching equipment: primary heating method

The primary heating method or the simultaneous heating method is a common method of induction quenching. When two rectangular tubes are used to surround the surface of the workpiece for rotary heating, the advantage of the primary heating method is that the whole surface area of the workpiece needs to be heated at one time, so the operation is simple and the productivity is high. It is suitable for the workpiece with less heating area. For the workpiece with particularly large heating area, the primary heating method requires considerable power and high investment cost. The common examples of primary heating method are small and medium module gears, CVJ bell rod, inner roller, belt pulley, roller, steel plate spring pin, setting, valve end, valve rocker arm arc, etc.

Another improvement in the application of primary heating method to gear heating process is that oblique wrapped induction ring is used instead of the whole encircling induction ring. Different gear numbers should be heated by different current frequencies. If the current frequency is too high or too low, the tooth top temperature will be higher or lower than that of the tooth groove when the induction ring is heated with the whole ring. When the oblique envelope sensor is used for rotating heating, Because each particle on the tooth surface is heated only when it is transferred to the induction ring coverage area, the actual heating situation is heating, stopping, heating, stopping. . Each particle is heated only once at each rotation to the effective ring coverage area, and the rest of the time is a uniform temperature time, thus helping to prevent the tooth top temperature from being too high or too low,

Post time: 06-17-2019