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Heat treatment of FOREVER quenching and tempering to create good quality

FOREVER quenching and tempering heat treatment to create quality high-speed development of industry in the 21st century, the competition between enterprises increasingly fierce, how can we make their own enterprises in an invincible position, advanced in the same industry? This not only requires enterprises to have strong strength, enterprise scale, corporate culture, and more importantly, science and technology to be advanced, but now the advanced technology is not to ask you how fast, the output is more, its core is energy conservation and environmental protection. Save resources and walk out of a high-tech, sustainable industrial road, so that your business will be

Just as the growing heat treatment industry, manufacturers such as automotive manufacturing, tractors and engineering machinery, machine tool manufacturing, bearing industry, railway transport, drilling rigs, metallurgical machinery, textile machinery, Construction materials and other industries have adopted quenched and tempered heat treatment.

With the development of China’s industry, the improvement of the product quality requirements, the continuous improvement of the parts processing industry and the new products, the strict requirements of energy saving and consumption reduction and environmental protection have been realized, and the flame heating has been gradually developed to the electric heating direction. The new heating mode _ induction heating is accepted and accepted by most enterprises. The manufacturers that have used such equipment and put into production have already covered all the provinces, cities and towns of the country, and even the products are sold to the overseas countries.


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Post time: 04-08-2019