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FOREVER induction heat treatment machine  application field wide heat treatment heating equipment is fully solved, the user is satisfied, heat treatment heating equipment adopts new technology, deeply trusted by consumers.

rod heating furnace

Characteristics 1.

1. The production efficiency is high and the quenching defects are less. The surface rapid heating and cooling method is adopted, the production cycle is short and the production efficiency is high.

2.Due to the short heat time, oxidation decarbonization is slight. And because the indicating surface is heated, the center is still in a cold state, so the quenching deformation is also small.

3. It is easy to realize mechanization and automation, and is suitable for mass production.

4.The equipment is compact, the use is convenient, and the working conditions are good.

5. Energy saving, plot heat treatment

FOREVER heat treatment heating equipment, with heat treatment heating equipment large production base, has passed ISO9001 certification, the company heat treatment heating equipment design major, heat treatment heating equipment optimization Hengyuan. 6. Limitations of Surface quenching

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