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Induction heat treatment furnace  is a kind of industrial furnace which carries on all kinds of metal heating process to metal workpiece. The temperature is generally lower than that of heating furnace. induction heating equipment manufacturers can adopt the furnace type of all kinds of heating furnace, but it is strict to control the furnace temperature and the atmosphere in the furnace. Most of the heat treatment furnaces are heated by gas fuel. In order to control the furnace temperature accurately, some heat treatment furnaces are heated by electricity. Hebei FOREVER Mechanical and Electrical Machinery is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research and development, design, production, sales and service of induction heating furnace. The company is mainly used in steel bar heat treatment furnace, steel pipe conditioning equipment, billet heating equipment, steel bar heating equipment, aluminum rod heating equipment and other induction heating equipment. The company has domestic excellent mechanical and electrical engineers, electrical engineers, Yuantian electromechanical is engaged in induction heating and heat treatment earlier manufacturers.


I. Quality assurance content In the warranty period specified in the Contract, any defects, faults and damage on the production of induction heating equipment caused by the design, process, manufacture, installation and commissioning of our company or other liability of our company shall be responsible for any defects, faults and damage in the production of the induction heating equipment during the warranty period specified in the Contract. We guarantee that the product is brand-new, not used, is a brand-new process and high-quality material, and is in full compliance with the quality specified in the contract.

1. The specified performance requirements: We guarantee that the products provided are properly installed, properly operated and maintained, and have excellent performance during their service life. In the quality assurance period, if the quantity, quality or specification of the goods does not conform to the contract, or it is proved that the goods are defective, including the potential defects or the materials that do not meet the requirements, the Buyer shall notify the Company in writing as soon as possible so as to negotiate the resolution as soon as possible so as to avoid the delay of the construction period.

2. Warranty period: The warranty period of the goods under the Contract is 12 years for the acceptance of the equipment.

II. Technical service: suggestions on the layout of the workshop shall be put forward within 7 days of the effective date of the contract; the foundation drawing of the equipment layout shall be provided for 25 days after the effective date of the contract; the on-site installation and commissioning of the equipment shall be carried out; and technical data such as the list of vulnerable parts of the equipment, the electrical schematic diagram and the instruction for use shall be provided at the end of the installation and commissioning;

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