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Heat treatment equipment for workpiece

The use of workpiece Induction heat treatment furnace has brought great convenience to our daily work and life, but the use is incorrect, which may bring great inconvenience to our work and life. Now, in order to facilitate the use of workpiece heat treatment equipment by the majority of users, Hengyuan introduces the matters needing attention in the use of AC workpiece heat treatment equipment.

1. Workpiece heat treatment, according to the length of the heating workpiece and the diameter of the workpiece, the sensor has a long and short. But generally speaking, the medium frequency furnace inductor is generally long, the purpose of which is to ensure the heat temperature difference of the workpiece.

2. At present, there are two kinds of lining assembly forms of medium frequency furnace inductor, one is knotted lining and the other is assembled lining.

3. Whether it is a knotted lining or a fabricated lining, work at high temperature for a long time will change (mainly due to thermal expansion and contraction and oxidation). In case of improper use, there will be a heating material collision and an extrusion lining phenomenon. Therefore, the use of the furnace lining is of a certain period. This is mainly based on the situation in the use process.

4. Once a crack occurs in the furnace lining, if it is a knotting furnace lining, if the crack is not more than 2 mm, the knotting material must be filled in time. If the crack is more than 2 mm, the furnace lining must be reknotted; if the fabricated lining must be replaced, the user must take the necessary measures in practice so as to avoid unnecessary consequences and burn out the sensor.

5. During the heat treatment of the workpiece, the sensor will accumulate a lot of oxidized skin due to the falling of the heating workpiece. If the furnace lining is damaged, or there are cracks and cracks, if not cleaned in time, it is easy to strike, cause the over-current protection of the intermediate frequency power supply, and the other is to easily break down the inductor coil and cause the inter-turn short circuit of the inductor. Therefore, the oxide scale in the sensor furnace is cleaned at least once per shift (8 hours).


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