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Heat treatment classification of metal annealing!

Annealed heat treatment is a common process in heat treatment of metal work-pieces. By heating metal work-pieces to a certain temperature and cooling rapidly, annealed heat treatment can effectively improve the plasticity and toughness of metal work-pieces. For different processing purposes of annealed heat treatment, there are complete annealing, Isothermal annealing, spheroidizing Steel pipe annealing furnace and de-stress annealing.

1. Complete annealing and Isothermal annealing, also known as recrystallized annealing, are generally referred to as annealing. This annealing is mainly used in the casting, forgings and hot rolled profiles of various carbon steel and alloy steel with hypoeutectic composition, and sometimes also used in welding structures. Generally, it is often used as the final heat treatment of some non-heavy work-pieces, or as the pre-heat treatment of some work-pieces.

2. Spheroidize annealing is mainly used for hypereutectic carbon steel and alloy tool steel (such as steel used in cutting tools, measuring tools and moulds). Its main purpose is to reduce hardness, improve machinability, and prepare for future quenching. 3. De-stress annealing, also known as low temperature annealing (or high temperature tempering), is mainly used to eliminate residual stress in castings, forgings, welds, hot rolled parts, cold drawn parts, etc. If these stresses are not eliminated, deformation or cracks will occur in the steel parts after a certain period of time or in the subsequent cutting process.

the metal work piece needs to be good in performance, the annealing heat treatment process technology is very important, the same, the heat treatment equipment is not negligible, an excellent heat treatment equipment is selected, It is recommended that you choose an induction heating device as a heat treatment device, and if you want to know, you can call the Tuo Electrical and Customer Service Hotline for consultation, and will have the technical engineer to answer the service for you the destress annealing is also called low-temperature annealing (or high-temperature tempering), The annealing is mainly used to eliminate the residual stress of castings, forgings, weldments, hot-rolled pieces, cold-drawn pieces, and the like. If these stress are not eliminated, a steel piece will be cause to be deformed or cracked after a certain period of time or in a subsequent cutting process.


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