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Good quality steel slab heating furnace for sale

Good quality steel slab heating furnace for sale


Are you looking for good quality steel slab heating furnace? Are you looking for reliable manufacturer of steel slab heating furnace? Here we would like to recommend Forever Furnace -The specialist of steel slab heat treatment.

Guarantee measures of steel slab heating furnace

1.We can help you to choose the suitable steel slab heating furnace according to the requirements of the user’s process requirements or the specifications of the work piece.

2.The inductor is produced carefully in accordance with the specifications of the work piece.

3.Steel slab heating furnace is provided with a remote control switch and a safe working environment. Automatic water circulation cooling system for equipment.

4. We have strict inspection and testing before the steel slab heating furnace is out of our factory.

5.The company’s service center: to provide customers with type selection, training, installation, commissioning, after-sales service.

6. Your demand is our work. We will be dedicated to serve you with high efficiency and energy saving steel slab heating furnace.

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Post time: 05-13-2016