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Good quality induction heat treating equipment

Good quality induction heat treating equipment


Forever is the leading manufacturer of induction heat treating equipment in China for more than 16 years.With high quality and thoughtful service,Forever induction heat treating equipment has been accepted by our customers from home and abroad.Good quality induction heat treating equipment can make customers trustworthy and good after-sales service can make customers feel comfortable.

Features of Forever Furnace  induction heat treating equipment

 Durable: The  induction heat treating equipment has perfect automatic protection functions of over current, over voltage, over temperature, lack of water, the lack of , and equipped with fault self diagnosis alarm system.

 Electricity saving: Energy saving is not a boast, but it’s proved by user’s long-term verification. Our  induction heat treating equipment can save electricity 10%-30%.

 Wide application: Used for forging heating quenching, annealing of auto parts, motorcycle parts, machinery, pipe and cutting tool welding and so on .

 Safety: Safety first in the production.Safety will be considered as one of the important factors when the managers purchase the  induction heat treating equipment. Sensor is heating coil without high risk and control machine can also remote control.

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Post time: 03-15-2016