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Good performance of the steel bar heating furnace

Good performance of the steel bar heating furnace


Steel bar heating furnace is a representative products for the induction heating system‘s application.Forever furnace company  has manufacture the steel bar heating furnace over than 16 years then our company has built the network consist of the development, manufacture and sales for the different types induction heating equipment.Compared with other’s furnace,Forever furnace company’s steel bar heating furnace has many advantages.

 Outstanding advantages of steel bar heating furnace:

1.Fast Heating .The time of heating  reach to the required temperature only need some seconds.

2.High Automation.This furnace  is fully automatic operation with PLC intelligent control system.

3.Uniform Heating. The steel bar heating furnace can heat the bar from the surface to the core uniformly. 

4.Low energy consumption.Compared with other heating method,induction heating has good features of high  heating efficiency,low energy consumption and no pollution.

5.The  temperature control system can achieve  the temperature  control easily to make sure the good heating quality.

6.The steel bat heating furnace adopt the advanced induction heating technology to heat bar without the pollution. 

Forever furnace company work on to supply  the high quality steel bar heating furnace and other induction heat treating equipment to clients.



Post time: 07-05-2016