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Good induction heating equipment brand

Induction heat treatment furnace  is one of the most commonly used metal heat treatment furnaces in the heat treatment process. As the brand of the market induction heating equipment is a lot, the problem is in so many brands, which metal heat treatment furnace brand is better? Here, the first “Tuo Tuo”-brand induction heat-penetration furnace is first pushed, and the specific analysis result is as follows:

1. The induction heating equipment manufacturers brand is strong. As a professional production induction heat-penetration furnace manufacturer, it is a large-scale manufacturer integrating scientific research, production and sales, which covers an area of 17000 square meters, and has a standardized heavy-duty industrial plant, various large and medium-sized gold processing, Rivet welding, assembly equipment, on-line staff nearly 100 people, so on the aspect of production strength and staffing, the strength of the remote-based induction heating equipment manufacturers is not allowed to be small, trustworthy.

2, the “Yuantuo” brand induction heating equipment has reliable performance. The “Yuantuo” brand metal heat treatment furnace is developed on the basis of combining the advantages and advanced technology of the same equipment at home and abroad. It is valuable in the aspects of finished product quality, output, environmental protection and safety. The specific analysis is as follows:

3. Quality of finished products The “Yuan Tuo”-plate induction heat-transmitting furnace is heated by a unique electromagnetic principle, and the heat is directly generated from the inside of the metal workpiece, has higher heating efficiency and high heating speed, so that the surface of the metal workpiece is not easy to produce the phenomena of scale, burning, decarbonization and deformation.

4. Higher yield In the design, the “Tuo Tuo”-plate induction heat-transmitting furnace is customized and produced according to the production capacity of the user and the requirements of the process, and the power supply power of the equipment is configured according to the actual production capacity of the user, so that the production requirements of the user are met.

5. Low-carbon and environment-friendly Because the induction heating equipment is heated by adopting the electromagnetic principle, the electric energy belongs to the environment-friendly energy source, and the pollution of waste gas waste smoke and dust and the like is not generated in the processing process, so that the environment-friendly production is realized.

6. High safety the induction heating equipment is equipped with a complete system protection device with over-current, over-voltage, water shortage and equal automatic alarm function, and the system detects the operation condition of the equipment in real time.


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