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Go to Forever for continuous quenching and tempering furnace to reduce the cost

Go to Forever for continuous quenching and tempering furnace to reduce the cost

Forever has been established for more than 10 years. After many years of hard work, it has modern production equipment and international first-class technical force. It is a producer of continuous quenching and tempering furnace which integrates R & D, manufacture, sale, installation and maintenance. The company can design and manufacture the continuous quenching and tempering furnace for bars or pipes according to the needs of the customer. All automatic induction heating equipment, such as continuous quenching and tempering furnace, pipe heat treatment furnace, rod heat treatment furnace and continuous billet heating furnace can complete one dragon service from process flow, equipment selection, production, installation and commissioning, personnel training, and the quality of equipment is in line with the ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification.

Medium frequency continuous quenching and tempering furnace is a kind of heat treatment furnace with high heating efficiency, fast speed, low consumption and energy saving. Most of the continuous quenching and tempering furnace is used in the quenching, tempering for bars, pipes or plate. Induction heating is a kind of induction current to produce a certain induction current in the surface of the workpiece and make the billet temperature reach to the required temperature.

The energy saving and environmental protection, high efficiency and low failure of the induction heat treatment furnace are all obvious. Compared with the traditional coal furnace heating, the induction heating efficiency is up to 90%, which is the current trend of the industry development.

1. The electric continuous quenching and tempering furnace adopts IGBT power device and unique frequency conversion technology to provide higher reliability and durability, stable operation, high efficiency, energy saving and greater output power.

2. With the constant current and constant power control function, the heating process of the billet is optimized greatly, and the high efficiency and rapid heating are realized.

3. Under the same condition, the continuous quenching and tempering furnace has more effect than the traditional electronic tube high frequency heating equipment. It has the effect of “small material and large use” and twice the efficiency of half the effort. At the same time, it reduces the power load and power consumption, and saves the cost.

4.With 100% full load design, it can work continuously for twenty-four hours with heating – holding – cooling function setting, which is beneficial to improving the heating quality and heating recycling, and simplifying the manual operation.

5.Long bar heat treatment machine can choose power supply according to power and frequency. The higher the frequency is, the deeper the heating depth is, the lower the frequency is, the better the diathermy is.
The technical team of Forever is rich in professional engineers and practice.No matter what the customer requests, we will do our best to meet your needs, whether it is forging heating, tempering heat treatment, medium frequency quenching or welding, whether it is heat or hot rolling, we can serve you and build for you.

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