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Go professional manufacturer to buy induction heating equipment

Go professional manufacturer to buy induction heating equipment

Having many years of experience of induction heating equipment, Forever designed and produced a large number of hardening and tempering furnace,combing traditional process and using the advantage of electrical induction heating. The furnaces are widely used in mining machinery (single pillar, suspension injection, metal long beam, U type steel frame type beam, etc.), petroleum machinery. (oil drilling rod, drill collar, sucker rod, etc.), steel pipe (thick wall steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, seamless steel pipe), steel wire, steel bar and other industries. These advanced automatic induction heating equipment has improved the production efficiency greatly and reduce by 20% energy, winning some certain market share for users.

Forever complete set of medium frequency induction heating equipment includes automatic loading & unloading, induction heater, console, Germany Siemens PLC control system. With reasonable induction coil design and import main components, the quality is very reliable.

Forever induction heating equipment series:

Forging heating field: forging heating equipment, medium frequency forging diathermy furnace, steel bar forging heating furnace, plate forging heating furnace, etc.

Heat treatment fields: steel bar tempering furnace, round bar tempering equipment, steel bar annealing furnace, steel quenching and tempering furnace, steel quenching and tempering production line, steel plate tempering furnace, drill pipe hardening and tempering furnace, steel plate surface quenching line and so on.

Hot rolling field: hot rolling heating furnace, steel rolling heating furnace, billet continuous rolling heating furnace, hot-rolled deformed bar equipment, hot rolled steel pipe equipment, hot rolled steel plate equipment.

In the process of development, Forever Furnace has formed its unique brand competitive advantage: the leading independent research and development strength, advanced production technology, excellent after-sales service, high-end talent team, scientific management framework, and finally formed our own brand.

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