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General situation of Intelligent Induction heating equipment

Induction heat treatment furnace can also be said to be a kind of metal heat treatment furnace. Induction heating equipment is a kind of metal heating equipment which is very popular in recent years. It has become a very important mechanical equipment in heat treatment industry and is of great significance to the development of modern high-tech industry. Induction heating equipment has been widely used in chemical, metallurgical, mining, building materials, mining, petroleum, wind power, environmental protection, aerospace and many other fields.

Technical advantages of Induction heating equipment:

1. Induction heating equipment uses electromagnetic induction principle to heat treatment of metal workpieces, and generates heat directly from the metal workpiece by inductor in the form of non-contact. The intermediate frequency heating furnace has the advantages of high heating efficiency, uniform heating and high processing quality. Advantages such as non-pollution.

2. This kind of metal heat treatment furnace adopts self-rotating feed, driven by frequency converter, the heating temperature of rotating feed is more uniform, at the same time, it can be adjusted without pole, and the user can adjust the operation speed at will.

3. The induction heating equipment is equipped with a closed-loop temperature control system. The thermometer monitors the heating temperature of the metal workpiece in real time. The system automatically adjusts the power of the power supply to ensure that the temperature of the workpiece is kept within the set range.


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