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Forever’s aluminum bar induction heating furnace

Forever’s aluminum bar induction heating furnace

Forever furnace company specializing in the production of aluminum bar induction heating furnace which  is automatic operation and  equipped with a temperature measuring device. Measuring bar temperature in the heating process with time relay.

The applications of the induction heating system from Forever furnace company:

1.Standard parts through heat and hot forging, hot forging of large diameter bolts and nuts, fasteners, hot forging, hot-rolled twist drill.

2,The heating plate, steel bar heating, heating wire annealing.

3. Auto Parts and diathermy.

4. Wrenches, pipe wrenches, axes and other metal tools.

5.Knife, drill head, container and other pieces of diathermy.
Forever furnace company’s service commitment:
1.Product quality long-term follow-up service.

2.The product of technical guidance.

3.Installation and commissioning of equipment sent to the scene by the company responsible.

4.The operating personnel and technical training.

5.The product within one year of free maintenance, long-term provision of technical services and spare parts.

If you are interest in the aluminum bar induction heating furnace and other induction heat treating equipment,please feel free to contact with us.Looking forward to your news.

Post time: 07-01-2016