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Forever teach you how to reduce workpiece oxidation for induction billet heater operation

Forever teach you how to reduce workpiece oxidation for induction billet heater operation

Now, the application of induction billet heater is more and more extensive, and it can heat all kinds of workpieces. However, during the heat treatment process, the workpiece will produce some heat treatment defects, such as oxidation phenomena, under the influence of environmental factors and operation process. Today, we will talk about how to reduce and prevent the formation of oxide scale.

In the medium frequency induction billet heater, according to the factors affecting the heating environment generated by the oxide skin, the corresponding measures are taken to reduce the formation of the oxide skin in the heating process.

The main measures are as follows:

1. Control the properties of billet induction heating furnace. Under the condition of complete combustion, the amount of air in the furnace is strictly controlled and the amount of excess air is reduced as much as possible, because excessive air will accelerate oxidation, and excessive reducing gas should be made in the furnace.

2.Medium protection heating. The surface of the billet is segregated from the oxidizing furnace gas to prevent oxidation of the billet during heating. The medium used is a medium of gaseous protection (such as pure inert gas, liquefied petroleum gas, nitrogen, etc.), liquid medium (such as glass melt, molten salt, etc.) and solid state protection medium (such as charcoal, glass powder, enamel powder and metal coating).

3. Fast heating. On the premise of ensuring the heating quality of the heat treatment of the workpiece, the induction billet heater is used as far as possible to speed up the heating time to shorten the heating time, especially to shorten the residence time at the high temperature, and to minimize the loading in the operation, thus saving energy.

4.The furnace should keep little positive pressure during heat preservation, especially in the high temperature insulation stage to prevent cold air from entering the furnace.

5. Reduce moisture and reduce the oxidation of steam on the metal surface.

In the process of heat treatment, the oxidation of the workpiece is a problem we are concerned about. The oxidation phenomenon of the workpiece will greatly affect the quality of the workpiece. Today, we simply talked about some measures to reduce and prevent the formation of the oxide skin. We hope that you can keep it in mind and apply it to the specific process.

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