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Forever steel pipe continuous quenching and tempering furnace can make your product more competitive !

Forever steel pipe continuous quenching and tempering furnace can make your product more competitive !

Now the market is full of competition everywhere, no matter what products, any equipment there is an extremely fierce competition. If you want to stand out in the market competition, we must have the ability. In the heat treatment industry, the continuous quenching and tempering furnace has been accepted by the customers at home and abroad with its outstanding technology and functions and have been running well so far. Especially with our IGBT air cooling energy saving induction heating power supplies, it doesn’t need water for cooling ,which can have longer service life and reduce the maintenance cost.

The equipment is simple in operation, flexible in import and export and high in automation. Furnace body integrated design, simple replacement. The pipe continuous quenching and tempering furnace has advantages of uniform heating temperature and less oxidation decarbonization and good forging quality; The heating speed, temperature can be control. The pipe induction heat treatment furnace has the advantages of low energy consumption, high efficiency and lower production cost than coal burning. The bottom is an electric system, the top is a heating inductor with automatic feeding device and rapid discharging device, as well as temperature sorting and temperature measuring device to realize the automatic operation of metal heating and get high quality products. Integrative design for feeding and discharging mechanism, coil, internal closed water cooling system, power supply and control system.The structure is compact and firm; power supply can start successfully at any temperature and any load and 100% stressful start; The furnace adopts integrated design, the distance between copper cables is short, effectively reducing energy consumption of control system. Compared with ordinary equipment, energy saving is between 15%-20%. Adopt PLC intelligent control system – complete self-protection function, advanced temperature control technology, high temperature precision, good temperature uniformity, rich detection, self-diagnosis, alarm function and multiple safety protection devices.

The whole set of Steel pipe induction heating furnace is energy-saving, automatic production, high production efficiency, good production quality, safe and environmentally friendly. The production mode is very consistent with modern industrial production, equipment is widely used, and further expands the market share.

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