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Forever induction billet heater for sale — automatic, energy & customized

Forever induction billet heater for sale — automatic, energy & customized

The induction billet heater is a new type of high efficiency billet heating furnace, which is composed of power supply, mechanical system, heating system, control system and so on. It is adapted to heat square billet, round billet, bars, pipes and so on, which has advantages of high heating efficiency, uniform heating and low cost.

Protruding advantages of induction billet heater

1. Small investment and low cost

Small investment & cost is what all users want. Forever induction billet heater structure design has been through scientific analysis and adopts reasonable rational design, which has reduced land area and easy to move. At the same time, our self-developed intelligent power supply can be available for wider range for the workpiece. For example, one set of induction billet heater can finish bar heating of ø45-105 mm.

2. Good quality and long life

Quality is the basis of the equipment, the source of the enterprise. Forever regards quality as life, pays attention to the material selection and production of each equipment, uses high quality steel as raw material in Chin. For the main components such as PLC, inverter, switch, we will use import brand, which increases the reliability of the whole set of induction billet heater.
Especially, our IGBT air cooling power supply long service life can be up to 15 years without failure, which reduce much maintenance and repair cost for users.

3.More flexible and easy to operate

The direct and effective field work, flexible production, reliable machine frame, reasonable proposal, the operation is very simple and convenient.

4.High capacity, more environmental protection

“High production, environmental protection”, is the ideal production state pursued by heat treatment and processing plant. Forever induction billet heater fully comply with the times, meet the green and efficient production requirements, adopt the optimized design scheme, improve the equipment capacity by 45%-60%, and has measure for noise and dust prevention to make sure the induction billet heater can meet user’s environment requirement.

A series of outstanding advantages of induction billet heater can better improve the efficiency of the enterprise and realize the value-added of the production capacity. It has been highly recognized and favored in the current market. Many domestic and foreign well-known steel mills have come to Forever to inquiry our billet induction heating furnace.

As an old brand manufacturer with nearly 20 years’ experience in the field of induction heating, the aim of Forever is to create value and profit for customers. The induction billet heater with innovative and ingenuity design is worth looking forward to, regardless of its structure, performance, or price.

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