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Forever induction billet heater, energy saving, easy operation

Forever induction billet heater, energy saving, easy operation

The heating temperature of steel billet is one of the important process parameters affecting the performance of the workpiece. The application of induction billet heater can not only effectively eliminate the quality defects of the steel billet, but also has a very significant effect on improving the surface quality of the steel billet, and can also reduce the production cost and shorten the production cost. There are many ways to heat the steel billet, such as flame heating, electric heating, infrared heating, steam heating, induction heating, etc. At present, one of the more widely used methods is induction heating using an intermediate frequency induction heating furnace.

The medium-frequency induction billet heater is used to heat-treat the steel rod. The heating method is very flexible, and it can be used for both integral heating and local heating to meet the requirements of different customers. The heating speed of the induction billet heater is very fast, which can effectively avoid the oxidation phenomenon and the decarburization phenomenon, and ensure the heating effect of the steel billet, laying a firm foundation for the next step.

Forever induction billet heater:

1. For single-line processing of bar, the production is fast and the efficiency is high. In a few minutes, the whole line can be emptied and adjusted for the processing of the next batch of materials, and the downtime is short;

2. All sizes of billet can achieve the same processing efficiency;

3. Heating the workpiece to increase the hardness;

4. Obtain high toughness and impact strength;

5. No decarburization occurs during heating.

6.Very convenient to set the processing line status in line with customer needs;

7. Energy loss and related expenses only exist in effective production;

8.Low maintenance costs, do not need long downtime maintenance.
Induction billet heater is using IGBT inverter power device, high efficiency and energy saving, easy to control heating, can set heating current voltage value before the equipment works, the start can not be changed, and all technical parameters are displayed on the display, the operation is intuitive and simple.

The advantage of induction heating furnace is that it will not generate noise and dust during work, and will not generate waste smoke and waste gas, which greatly improves the working environment of workers and enables workers to achieve environmentally friendly production.

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