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Forever billet induction heating furnace can heat billet to 1100-1200 ℃!

Forever billet induction heating furnace can heat billet to 1100-1200 ℃!

In the steel industry, we usually use heating equipment to heat billets for forging or rolling. So whether Forever billet induction heating furnace can heat the billet to 1100-1200 ℃? or better effect? Billet electric heating furnace includes billet induction heating furnace, gas furnace, resistance furnace, mesh furnace and so on. Which kind of furnace should we choose? Forever is a professional manufacturer of billet induction heating furnace! The main products are steel bar induction heating furnace for rolling, steel hardening and tempering furnace, steel quenching heat treatment furnace, billet hot forming heating equipment! Products are sold in many countries!

When ordering billet induction heating furnace, we need to select the suitable billet induction heater from the aspects of uniform heating, high efficiency, energy saving, small footprint, easy cleaning, etc. Here we will introduce the steel billet induction heating furnace to you.

Forever is a well-known manufacturer of medium frequency induction heating equipment, providing customers with high-quality automatic intelligent billet induction heating production line, including transformers and cooling towers. In the field of billet induction heating furnace, Forever has 14 years of rich experience in production. Especially in Iran market, Forever has formed our own brand in the billet induction heating furnace used for steel ball hot rolling. Forever company is located in the internationally renowned “Acrobatics Base” Wuqiao Economic Development Zone Industrial Park.

Forever billet induction heating furnace equipment advantages:

1.Can achieve high-power control, fast heating speed, easy heating, suitable for energy-saving heating. Compared with the same capacity of the induction heating furnace, consume less than the frequency induction furnace.
2.Flexible and convenient operation, more suitable for different sizes of workpiece heating.
3.Intermediate frequency power supply can adapt to large-size workpieces heating, and can automatically adjust the parameters.
4.Due to the high power density, no phase balance device, civil costs small. Therefore, for the same productivity, the initial investment cost is 15% to 20% lower than IF induction furnaces.

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