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Forever 100T/H billet induction heating equipment

Forever 100T/H billet induction heating equipment

In December 2017, the billet induction heating equipment with a capacity of 100 tons per hour for Fujian customer was successfully put into operation. The large power billet induction heating equipment with America infrared thermometer control has advantages of uniform heating and stable performance.

In accordance with the requirements of Fujian customers for the continuous casting and rolling process: After discharging from the CCM, the billet will be sent to rolling mill for rolling deformed bars. But during the transportation, the billet surface temperature will be reduced 700-900 ° C from 1100 ℃, then we need to heat the billet to the desired temperature using an billet induction heater. Prior to this, the customer is using a gas stove to achieve this process, but because of stringent environmental policies in China, the government does not allow the use of gas stoves. While Forever billet induction heating equipment is using induction heating principle, which don’t produce dust, gas and will not increase the workshop temperature. Therefore, this Fujian customer chose our stove to replace their gas stove.

Now this complete billet induction heating equipment is already working well in our customer’s plant. The technical parameters are as follows:

● billet size: 150 * 150mm
● Blank length: 9000mm
● 850-1050 ℃ heating, heating 1/3 of the billet.
● Line speed is 9 m / min.

Billet induction heating equipment is using PLC man-machine interface control, which has features:

1. Program data can be detailed records by year, month, query, print.

2. Good man-machine dialogue window, real-time detection of the entire system equipment running status.

3. Process heating parameters can be automatically formed database and perennial preservation, ready for random checks.

4. Forever billet induction heating equipment mechanical transmission system work stable and accurate, reduce human error and reduce the failure rate.

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