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Focus on seamless steel pipe hardening and tempering furnace -Create China brand.

Focus on seamless steel pipe hardening and tempering furnace -Create China brand.

Time is fleeting, and now we go to the middle of the year of 2018, looking back for nearly half a year., there are new breakthroughs in Forever technology from induction heating technology, new hardening and tempering furnace products and heat treatment technology.

Of course, Forever is a manufacturer specializing in the production and sales of hardening and tempering furnace. This article mainly introduces the research and development of its technology, new products and technology from the field of induction heat treatment.

“Heat treatment” – in a wide range of metal processing applications, this is a common and commonly used “endorsement”, heat treatment is needed by most metal pieces.

1. Induction heating technology – Advanced
People who contact the heat treatment industry know that in the field of heat treatment, hardening and tempering furnace of seamless steel pipe has brought a lot of benefits to the industry. With the continuous development of science and technology, the steel pipe hardening and tempering furnace has been innovating in technology, and the principle that our machinery is based on the customer, which is more suitable for the users. The improvement and development of these induction heating equipment are focused on improving efficiency, reducing energy consumption and solving difficult problems in various workpiece heat treatment processes.

2.Induction heating equipment – upgrade
The traditional heating equipment is our common equipment in the heat treatment industry. However, the society is improving and the demand is growing. These have not meet the needs of all users.

Forever hardening and tempering furnace combined with advanced foreign management technology and domestic mature production technology, and produced a high performance steel pipe heat treatment line. The hardening and tempering furnace of seamless steel tube has reasonable structure and advanced configuration. It adopts split structure design to ensure stable and reliable equipment and easy to move.

3.Induction heating technology – Environmental Protection
Many enterprises only pay attention to the interests of customers and manufacturers, but they neglect a serious problem — environmental protection. If the heat treatment production of the workpiece produces waste gas, waste gas, dust or noise, it will pollute the environment and seriously cause health hazards to the operators.

Medium frequency hardening and tempering furnace adopts electromagnetic induction principle, non contact direct heating, which does not produce waste gas, dust, noise and so on. It is a real energy-saving and environmental protection metal heat treatment furnace.

The induction hardening and tempering furnace of seamless steel tube produced by Forever can not only ensure customer benefits, but also meet the national environmental protection quality standard. The steel pipe hardening and tempering furnace is a new type of equipment.

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