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Far extension steel tube annealing induction furnace quotation!

When users choose Induction heat treatment furnace, they will often worry about the quotation of the equipment, the long-term professional production of induction heating equipment for many years of production experience, its production of steel pipe annealing equipment performance is stable, Price is also based on user requirements and investment scope to design matching equipment, please go down.

Quoted price analysis of steel tube annealing induction heating equipment:

1, induction heating equipment is based on the user’s technological requirements, to invest to match the steel tube annealing furnace, and the remote mechanical and electrical equipment is also different in the configuration of the gas components of the equipment. Take the power supply matching, for example, we have air-cooled induction heating power supply and water-cooled induction heating power supply. The air-cooled power supply is more energy-efficient than the ordinary power supply, saving more than 20%, and the price will be a little higher than the ordinary power supply at the time of purchase. The same analysis, buy your point, in ordinary use will be a lot of electricity, save a lot of costs and expenses. But the ordinary power source buys cheap, uses up the electricity consumption high thus also increases the cost.

2, the conveying system of the steel pipe annealing furnace is also divided into high frequency and low configuration. If the PLC of man-machine interface is selected to control the whole set of induction heating equipment automatically, the price will be higher, and the intelligent induction heating equipment will be corresponding. Only one person can operate the whole steel tube annealing furnace production, saving labor, thus saving the cost. Semi-automatic control procedures, on the other hand, will be lower in price and increase in manpower to increase costs.


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