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Environmental protection high efficiency induction heating furnace

At present, the State advocates energy conservation, environmental protection and green operation. Many heat treatment manufacturers have adopted environmental protection metal heating equipment to put into production. How much does it cost to want an environmental protection type high-efficiency intermediate frequency induction heating furnace? In fact, although there are many induction heating equipment manufacturers on the market, they all have a reasonable range.

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Advantages of environmental protection type high efficiency medium frequency induction heating furnace

To say the advantages of environment-friendly high-efficiency medium frequency induction heating furnace, it’s really numerous. Let’s simply say that there are several outstanding advantages:

1. Environmental protection. The structure configuration is reasonable and compact, and the gap between components is relatively small, which can effectively prevent the dust from entering. The electromagnetic principle is used for heating. The electric energy belongs to environmental protection energy, which will not produce waste gas, smoke, dust and other pollution in the processing process, so as to realize green environmental protection production.

2. High production efficiency. The medium frequency induction heating furnace adopts electric heating. The heat is directly generated in the workpiece through the induction coil in the form of non-contact. In the process of processing, the heat loss is less, the thermal efficiency is as high as 95%, and the production efficiency is high, which meets the requirements of high-yield production of users.

3. Long service life. The metal steel plate is welded with high-quality steel and processed by heat treatment, which significantly improves the strength, hardness, wear resistance and other properties of the equipment. The components and parts are made of Siemens, Schneider and other brands, with high quality, good quality and long service life.


How much is the environment-friendly high-efficiency medium frequency induction heating furnace.

The production strength, technology and process of different manufacturers are different, the quality and performance of the equipment will be different, and the quotation given will also be very different. Market supply and demand, raw material prices and other external factors will also affect the market price. If you want to buy environmentally friendly and efficient induction heating equipment with high cost performance, you still need to compare three products to make a comparison.


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