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Energy-saving measures for bar-bar heating furnace

In modern industrial production, bar induction heating for widely used because of their low investment, rapid effect and convenient operation. But the energy-saving problem of intermediate frequency induction furnace and rod heating furnace has been disturbing most manufacturers. In the following, we summarize the power saving methods of induction furnace and rod material heating furnace from the aspects of improving production efficiency, increasing heating speed and reducing heat treatment time.

rod heating furnace

First of all, we should extend the continuous heating time, which can improve the efficiency of production; secondly, reasonable batching, which improves the accuracy of heat treatment; then reasonable heating operation, in which we should pay attention to the safety of production; then reasonable control of tapping temperature, can ensure the quality of production can not go wrong; finally, it is necessary to keep the equipment in good condition, fault timely repair, regular repair and maintenance of the equipment.

By reasonably arranging production, reasonable feeding furnace, heating operation and reasonable control of molten steel temperature, the heating time can be shortened. According to the average heating time 80min~90min per furnace, the heating time of 1min can be saved by 1%. The quality of lining and the good condition of heating equipment are the basis of safe production, improving production efficiency and saving energy and reducing consumption. It is necessary to manage scientifically, take comprehensive measures and implement them effectively, improve production efficiency, increase melting speed and reduce melting time.


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