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Energy-saving and environmentally-friendly high-efficiency induction billet heater

Energy-saving and environmentally-friendly high-efficiency induction billet heater

At present, the induction heating equipment which is used frequently in the steel mill is induction billet heater uses. The induction heating equipment is well received by the market because of its high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. As a veteran enterprise with experience, technology and process,Forever has provided online induction billet heater for large and medium-sized steel manufacturing enterprises at home and abroad, and has been praised by customers and won a good reputation.

Forever induction billet heater specifications, power size need users to provide workpiece process and output and other related information.Then we can create an energy-saving, environmentally-friendly and efficient induction billet heater for you.

Advantages of Forever induction billet heater:

1. The production operation is simple, the feeding and discharging materials are flexible, and the automatic production level is high. The induction billet heater can form a continuous online production line with other mechanical equipment;

2.The induction billet heater heating rate is fast, the surface produces has less oxidative decarburization, high efficiency;

3. The heating time, production speed and heating temperature of the metal workpiece can be precisely controlled;

4. The workpiece is heated evenly, the temperature difference from surface to the core is small, and the control precision is high;

5.The induction billet heater can be carefully prepared according to customer requirements.

6. All-round energy-saving optimization design of induction billet heater, low energy consumption and high efficiency, lower than the cost of coal burning;

7. The electric induction billet heater meets the requirements of environmental protection, and the pollution is small, and the labor intensity of the workers is also reduced.

The working principle of billet induction heating furnace: electromagnetic induction heating refers to the whole penetration heating before the workpiece is hot processed, and a special power supply device that converts the industrial frequency 50HZ alternating current into intermediate frequency current.

Through the full-time, the three-phase power frequency alternating current is rectified. After that, it is converted into direct current, and then the direct current is converted into an adjustable intermediate frequency current. Finally, the intermediate frequency current is supplied to the intermediate frequency alternating current flowing through the induction coil, and a high-density magnetic line is generated in the induction coil, which is placed in the induction coil. The metal workpiece is cut to create a strong eddy current inside the workpiece. The free electrons of the metal workpiece itself are caused to flow in the body of the resistor to generate heat.

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