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Energy saving advantage of induction billet heater

Energy saving advantage of induction billet heater

Energy saving is an old conversation topic, induction billet heater is also in the continuous upgrading of technology. According to statistics, the old type heating furnace will have 36%-68% energy lose due to high pressure throttling, so the cost of energy is high.

Electromagnetic induction heating (IH) technology is a new medium frequency heating technology. After research and development of scientific research personnel, we can increase the heating efficiency to 90% for the production of energy saving and environmental induction billet heater. Forever induction billet heater is tested and installed before out of the factory. The energy saving effect of the energy saving and environmental type induction billet heater is very obvious. The IGBT medium frequency power supply saves 15%-25% of the electric power of the thyristor medium frequency power supply. High inverter voltage,low current, circuit loss, this part can save energy 15%. The power of the IGBT intermediate frequency power transformer is 2800v, the power of the traditional thyristor medium frequency power transformer is 750V, the current is reduced by four times, and the line loss is reduced.

The technology fully embodies the energy saving advantage of the induction billet heater. The induction billet heater saves a large amount of electricity cost for many steel enterprises, improves production efficiency and improves the workshop environment, thus directly reducing the indirect production cost of the workshop. When the silicon controlled rectifier produces the peak voltage, the higher harmonic voltage of the rectifier is adjusted. Voltage and power grid will be seriously polluted, resulting in other devices unable to work. Full bridge rectifier is used in the IGBT intermediate frequency power rectifier. The DC voltage is always working at the highest level without the need to adjust the conduction angle, so it will not produce high order harmonics, do not pollute the power grid, the transformer, the switch will not be heated, and will not interfere with the work of other electronic devices.

The induction billet heater currently has high heating efficiency, fast speed and low consumption and environmental protection for metal parts. Round billet induction heating furnace has been widely used in various industries such as heating, heat treatment, welding and forging of metal materials. The induction billet heater can not only heat the rod as a whole, but also heat the part of the workpiece. It can realize the deep heating of the workpiece. The induction billet heater can only heat the surface of the heating furnace. Therefore, induction heating technology will be more and more widely used.

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