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Electromagnetic induction heating device for billet heating

Advantages of electromagnetic continuous casting billet heating furnace:

(1) The heating time of steel billets in an electromagnetic induction furnace is much shorter than that required for flame furnace heating. This not only helps to reduce iron loss, but also improves the surface quality of the billets during the rolling process;

(2) By using electromagnetic induction heating, there are no combustion products in the heating zone, effectively eliminating the oxidation and decarburization of the billet. Therefore, clean steel billets can be obtained through this rapid heating method;


(3) Due to the absence of combustion products in the steel billet induction heating furnace, it is beneficial for environmental protection and greatly reduces thermal radiation;

(4) Adopting an induction heating furnace not only facilitates rapid and accurate automatic temperature control, but also achieves energy-saving;

(5) The equipment maintenance cost of using an induction heating furnace to heat steel billets is much lower than that of a flame furnace;

(6) Induction heating of steel billets can conveniently heat ultra long steel billets, which is conducive to achieving semi endless rolling and improving rolling efficiency.

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