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More than 10 years of induction heating experience, Hebei FOREVER Electromechanical equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. professional  IGBT induction reheating machine manufacturers, the supply of intermediate frequency electric furnace, forging heating equipment, intermediate frequency diothermic furnace, induction quenching equipment, induction tempering equipment, Heat treatment annealing equipment, intermediate frequency conditioning equipment and other heat treatment equipment, mainly used in metal materials in forging, extrusion, hot rolling, shear heating and metal materials as a whole quenching and tempering, annealing, quenching, tempering and other heat treatment.

Hebei FOREVER Electromechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is specialized in providing the medium-frequency diathermy furnace for intelligent automatic production. The intelligent automatic production induction heating equipment manufactured by Hebei FOREVER Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has the functions of recording, querying, printing and the like during data implementation; automatically adjusting the closed-loop control of power supply power temperature; real-time monitoring and display of electric furnace parameters; and automatic prediction of faults and alarms; Electric furnace remote centralized control; automatic production of various reports. The characteristics of the medium-frequency induction furnace for the automatic production of the remote-to-large-scale electro-mechanical intelligent The precision forging and forging and heating equipment adopts a unique coil design, and the design experience and advanced technology of more than 2000 sets of induction heating equipment are concentrated, and high-quality materials are adopted. And the better matching of the commercial efficiency work is realized. And a semi-convenient assembly inductor is folded, and a long novel energy-saving furnace lining is used in the country. High efficiency and energy saving and low blank burning loss. under the condition of not adding a protective atmosphere, the requirement of the precision forming of most of the blanks can be met, And the high-low sorting of the blank temperature can be combined with the forging manipulator to form an automatic forging production line.

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