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Do you know the new process of these induction heating equipment?

Before for you to introduce the “induction reheating machine selection should consider what aspects”, today we introduce the induction heating equipment new technology which?

(1) crankshaft neck rotary quenching and fillet quenching

(2) shaft parts are longitudinally heated and quenched with rectangular pipes

(3) rail full-length induction quenching

(4) double frequency induction quenching of roll

(5) PC reinforcement production technology

(6) steel pipe seam induction annealing

(7) induction quenching of automobile parts

(8) rotary support raceway and gear induction quenching

(9) quench the pipe fitting with long inner hole

(10) big gear single tooth scanning quenching along tooth groove

The induction heating equipment produced by hebei hengyuan electric furnace factory has the advantages of high heating efficiency, low failure rate, small power consumption and reliable protection

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Post time: 05-31-2019