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Development trend of Induction heating Furnace and Heat treatment equipment Industry

The Induction heating furnace, the heat treatment equipment, the manufacturer of the quenching and tempering production line, the domestic induction heating furnace, and the trend of the heat treatment equipment industry in FOREVER are compared with the induction heating equipment and heat treatment equipment manufacturers abroad in the 1970s. Domestic production enterprises of induction heating equipment start much later, although the later development is rapid, but a lot of technology, experience compared to have a great lack of experience, making the domestic overall heat treatment industry is in a lot of but not good. Large but not strong state of development, on the one hand, due to the numerous foreign brands of induction heating equipment into the domestic progress, domestic enterprises in order to seize the market, a price war, in order to reduce costs, scientific research, The investment in the development of new heat treatment equipment is at a standstill, and there is not enough comprehensive manufacturing experience in the market. On the other hand, the manufacturing industry is depressed, resulting in a great decline in market demand, heat treatment market induction heating equipment supply exceeds demand, a lot of low-end equipment has been eliminated. As a result, many domestic induction heating equipment enterprises are stagnant, the product grade is not high, quality, safety, technology, efficiency and other aspects are not enough.

In the future, the development momentum of heat treatment equipment industry will be more vigorous in the domestic induction heating furnace. It is inevitable to take the road of independent innovation from Chinese manufacturing to China to create a development model. The manufacturers of induction heating equipment, quenching heat treatment equipment and quenched and tempered heat treatment production line need to stand on the new starting point to examine and solve the problems, change the development key, enhance the R & D, production strength, and further improve the processing technology and precision. With a more perfect appearance and more stable precision of the manufacturing level, steadily moving forward in the market. More induction heating equipment

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Post time: 04-11-2019