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Development Trend of Induction Heating Equipment in 2019

With the rapid development of industry in recent years, the market demand of automatic induction heating equipment is increasing, and the equipment of automatic induction heating furnace is also in constant reform and innovation. The function of induction heating equipment has also changed from the original single mode to the diversified mode. At present, induction heating equipment and quenching heat treatment equipment are the most advanced induction heating equipment with the highest temperature control accuracy in the market. Yuantuo induction heating equipment in the production process and development technology in the world is also tending to lead the level, in the world’s supply market also occupies a leading position.

The development trend of fully automatic intelligent induction heating equipment, quenching heat treatment equipment and quenching and tempering heat treatment production line will be carried out from four aspects: control, machinery, numerical control and intelligence. The production line will also be developed in the direction of diversification, diversification, large-scale and refinement.

Since its inception in 1999, FOREVER Electrical Machinery has manufactured its own induction heating equipment only in its familiar field. The main products are: billet heating furnace, steel bar heating furnace, steel pipe heating equipment, plate quenching heat treatment furnace, sucker rod quenching heat treatment equipment, round steel quenching equipment, steel bar heating equipment, thread steel quenching heat treatment equipment, etc.
4. Intelligent induction heating power supply should be kept clean.


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