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Development trend and characteristics of billet induction heating furnace

Development trend and characteristics of billet induction heating furnace

With the rapid development of the process of industry in China, the field of induction heating is also developing rapidly. The coal heating is not only not in accordance with the requirements of environmental protection, but also in the economy and product quality. So many manufacturers are trying to develop the heating technology which is both environmental and cost saving in response to the national environmental protection.

After many years of research and development of SCR device, medium frequency induction heating furnace has entered people’s field of vision. But users are facing the problem of high power consumption due to low power factor. With the policy of energy saving and environmental protection, energy saving and reducing cost have become a very urgent problem to be solved for small and medium-sized enterprises. With experience, we successfully developed a series of intermediate frequency induction heating equipment (IGBT), namely environmental protection, energy saving and cost saving.

Today we mainly share with you the characteristics of our billet induction heating furnace.

1.Simple production operation, flexible feeding and discharging, high degree of automation, online production can be realized;

2.The workpiece heating speed is fast, oxidation decarbonization is less, efficiency is high, workpiece quality is good;

3.Workpiece heating length, speed, temperature and so on can be precisely controlled.

4. The workpiece is evenly heated, the temperature difference from surface to the core is small, and the control accuracy is high.

5.The induction heater can be customized according to the demand of the customer.

6. Comprehensive energy saving optimization design, low energy consumption and high efficiency, lower cost than traditional coal heating production.

7.In line with national environmental protection requirements, pollution is small, while also reducing the labor intensity of workers.

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