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Development of medium frequency induction heating furnace

Medium frequency induction heating furnace is a relatively popular metal heating equipment in industry. Its application fields are very wide, such as mining machinery, auto parts, oil exploitation, etc. its emergence also drives the development of many enterprises, especially heat treatment enterprises. China’s medium frequency induction furnace industry attaches great importance to independent research and development, so as to enhance market competitiveness, survive in the fierce market and seek development.


With the development of economy and technology, the automobile industry and construction machinery industry will have great development, and they will certainly promote the development of heat treatment industry, which undoubtedly provides a broad market space for the development of medium frequency induction heating furnace. However, with the further improvement of the internationalization process, the gap between the medium frequency induction heating furnace and foreign similar products is also obvious. In the face of this form, China’s medium frequency induction heating furnace manufacturers need to constantly innovate, constantly absorb advanced knowledge, and then improve the development level of the whole industry.

For the larger and larger market, the competition among the manufacturers of medium frequency induction heating furnace will be more fierce. Here, we must improve our own technological innovation ability, improve the quality of products, enrich the functions of products, and improve the service level of enterprises. Only by serving our customers well can we seize the opportunity in this huge market.

Hebei FOREVER Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional induction heating furnace manufacturer in China. For many years, it has focused on the R & D and production of induction heating equipment and the configuration scheme of complete induction heating equipment. Our company has a deep understanding of the development prospect of the medium frequency induction heating furnace industry, and keeps learning and practicing in the production practice. If you have any demand, you can call our company and the professional technical engineer will serve you!




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Post time: 04-19-2020