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Design of Billet Induction Heating Equipment Temperature Control System

Design of Billet Induction Heating Equipment Temperature Control System

Billet induction heating equipment is an important equipment in the manufacturing industry, its role is to heat the raw material to a certain temperature, thus ensuring the smooth progress of the next procedure. It’s the same in the metallurgical industry that billet induction heating equipment is the important thermal equipment during production. The purpose of heating has two points: one is to improve the plasticity of steel, the higher the heating temperature is, the better the plasticity of the steel is, whereas the lower the heating temperature is, the poorer the plasticity is, then the greater the energy consumed by processing is, the mill wear is also correspondingly faster . And the low temperature can easily lead to broken roller accident. Secondly, heating can make the temperature inside and outside the steel uniform, otherwise there is defective product when the billet is going through the rollers. When there is temperature difference inside and outside the billet, its internal stress will occur, so the temperature difference on the cross-section will reduce to avoid defects through using billet induction heating equipment.

Of course, if the heating temperature is too high, that is also not workable, which will cause billet overheating and over burning. Therefore, the furnace temperature control plays a crucial role, directly related to output, energy and other issues.

Before the heating furnace control is mostly using old manual control: the operator needs full manual control of the fuel valve opening. As a result, the accuracy of flow control is very poor, the timeliness of the operation is greatly reduced. Heating furnace combustion process is disturbed by random factors, which has features of large inertia, pure hysteresis. For such a complex control object, it is difficult to fully consider the impact of various factors and accurately control the heating processeven for experienced operators. Forever billet induction heating equipment set closed-loop temperature control system, which can automatically adjust the temperature through adjusting the power when the temperature is too high or too low.

 The production task of the steel billet heating furnace is to heat the steel to the temperature and heating quality required by the process according to the rolling rhythm of the rolling mill. The performance of the steel billet heating furnace directly affects the energy consumption of the heating furnace and the finished steel product quality, the service life of the rolling mill and rolling effective operating rate. Billet tapping temperature requirements is in 1150 ~ 1 250 ℃. Forever much references can prove that our billet induction heating equipment can control the tempertuare accurately and ensure the billet heating quality.

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