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Depth analysis of working principle of bar induction heating furnace and overall advantages

Depth analysis of working principle of bar induction heating furnace and overall advantages

The working principle of bar induction heating furnace is heating the workpiece to uniform, suitable rolling temperature (austenitic structure). After the temperature rises, the plasticity of the workpiece should be improved, the deformation resistance will be reduced, and the workpiece will be easily deformed. For example, the deformation resistance of T12 steel is about 600Mpa at room temperature, and the deformation resistance decreases to about 25Mpa when heated to 1200 C.

Induction heating equipment heating the workpiece to suitable temperature, rolling can use a larger reduction, reduce the wear and impact of the bar induction heating furnace accidents, improve the productivity and operation rate of rolling mill, and the rolling power consumption is less. Heterogeneous and non-metallic materials are homogenized by diffusion at high temperature. Heating temperature and uniformity are the indexes of heating quality.

Induction heating equipment features

1. Energy saving and reducing consumption and reducing operation cost

Compared with other forms of power output capability, IGBT intermediate frequency power supply is more convenient, more energy efficient and lower user operation cost.

2. Advanced technology and high degree of automation

The bar induction heating furnace realizes intelligent control through the monitoring system, and all operations can be completed by pressing the button on the PLC console.

3.Good environmental protection, eliminate pollution

From feeding to the heating process, the heating process is completed in the bar induction heating furnace. The workpiece will not be exposed in large area. The waste gas waste water will not be produced in the whole process, and environmental pollution will be eliminated.

4. Strong adaptability, free design of module

The steel bar induction heating furnace is modular design with flexible and diverse configuration, which can be designed according to the needs of the market, such as rollover hopper, low platform loading material, high platform loading material and so on, and can be designed according to different needs of users.

5.One machine and multiple boxes to improve the efficiency of transport

One machine and multiple boxes can be arranged to achieve continuous operation, improve the utilization ratio of bar induction heating furnace and save equipment capital investment.

Because of the outstanding technical superiority and good performance of the bar induction heating furnace, it has been widely adopted by many domestic customers in recent years. One of the customers in Taiyuan said: “we have purchased 3 sets of equipment from your company. The quality is stable and the failure rate is low. It is especially suitable for our factory. It is convenient to operate, and it is easy to use.”

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