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Copper tube heating furnace

The manufacturer of copper tube heater with high cost performance will look for Hebei FOREVER Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. with many years of experience in production of induction heating equipment, it is a professional copper tube heater manufacturer with advanced technology. According to your actual process needs, it will customize a suitable copper bar heating furnace for you. FOREVER Technology is constantly reformed, and the equipment is controlled by IGBT energy-saving induction heating power supply, which is more honest than before The power saving of the control power supply is more than 20%, and the adaptive ability is strong.

Advantages of FOREVER copper tube heating furnace:

1. Heating temperature is uniform and pollution-free: the air-cooled variable frequency power supply can directly and accurately detect the change of load current, realize the closed-loop control of output power, and maintain the output power and temperature stability even if the external voltage fluctuates.

2. High degree of automation: high degree of intelligence of power supply, accurate temperature adjustment, automatic tracking of frequency conversion, adaptive load change, automatic power regulation and other intelligent advantages. One key start, automatic completion of heating work, no need for personnel on duty.

3. Continuous automatic production of  MF induction heating equipment  for copper rod: steel of different specifications and varieties is frequently replaced to adapt to different production processes. After frequency conversion and load change, no personnel adjustment is required. The whole line is emptied and the process adjustment is simple and fast to meet the demand of medium and large batch production.

4. Intelligent control system: the refined management of high energy consumption in the equipment industry, specially developed power management system, can monitor and record the energy consumption per ton and the total energy consumption in batches, and effectively calculate and control the production cost.

5. PLC general operation control system of copper tube heating furnace: good man-machine dialogue window, real-time record of the adjustment data system participated by human, realize real-time record, archive, query, print and other functions of production data.

For more than 20 years, FOREVER has always been following the market demand, constantly learning and improving, challenging ourselves, daring to innovate, and making steady progress! FOREVER Electric Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of copper tube heating furnace and induction heating power supply. The manufacturer sells directly and the price is cheap. Welcome to contact us!



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