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Copper forging furnace

How much is a set of copper forging furnace? Business personnel often receive such customer calls, let FOREVER Electromechanical to answer your questions.

The price of copper forging furnace is always the hot word of customers. The price of copper forging furnace is affected by power, model, design style, configuration, production capacity and other factors. The price of copper rod medium frequency heating furnace is different. Generally, the quotation for copper forging furnace in the market is about 10000 yuan. The specific detailed quotation is based on the actual quotation of the manufacturer.FOREVER Electromechanical is a professional copper forging furnace manufacturer, which is customized according to the actual process requirements of users.

FOREVER copper forging furnace has the following advantages:

1. Uniform heating temperature, high temperature control accuracy, small temperature difference, no pollution.

2. It has high success rate and high reliability.

3. Variable frequency and variable load adaptive, induction heating capacity of steel (diameter / wall thickness / length / material) with the most specifications and varieties. Users can choose to replace the furnace manually or automatically, which can be widely used, so that the equipment utilization rate reaches the highest (frequency conversion, multi driving and multi application).

4. Closed loop temperature control system of intermediate frequency diathermy furnace, infrared thermometer measures the heating temperature of the billet at the outlet of induction furnace, and displays the heating uniformity in real time.

5. Intelligent control system: intelligent and customized operation monitoring system based on digital platform design, with high production efficiency.

For more than 20 years, we have been following the market demand, constantly learning and improving, challenging ourselves, daring to innovate, and making steady progress! FOREVER electrical and mechanical is a professional copper forging furnace manufacturer, the factory direct selling, the price is cheap, welcome to inquire FOREVER electromechanical Induction heating equipment!


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