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Continuous quenching and tempering furnace, looking for professional manufacturers to achieve win-win situation!

Continuous quenching and tempering furnace, looking for professional manufacturers to achieve win-win situation!

With the continuous innovation of science and technology and the continuous progress of technology, Hebei Forever introduced the advanced induction heating technology concept in Germany and Britain. The medium frequency induction heat treatment furnace developed and produced has been widely put into operation in the machinery industry. Induction heat treatment furnace plays an important role in machinery parts processing industry. It is used in the fields of quenching, tempering, annealing, quenching and tempering, heat transfer, forging and melting. In Forever, we have strict technological requirements, rigorous scientific research spirit, serious academic attitude, innovation of science and technology and high quality service team. Medium frequency induction heat treatment furnace has many advantages, such as high production efficiency, low energy consumption, easy realization of automatic production, less pollution and safety.

In the process of industrial machinery quenching, the hardness and wear resistance of the metal workpiece are improved. All kinds of mould, measuring tools and wear resistant parts (such as steel bars, steel tubes, steel plates and so on) are required. The strength, toughness and fatigue of metal can be improved by quenching and tempering with different temperatures, and the process of mechanical and electrical medium frequency heating can be extended to make the quenching process more proficient and perfect.

Important parts of machinery, especially steel parts used in automobiles, aircraft and rockets are almost quenched. Various quenching processes have been developed to meet the technical requirements of various parts. Induction heating can automatically control the thickness or diameter of the workpiece or master the whole part freely, and the continuous quenching and tempering furnace can save energy and protect the environment, and it is safe and reliable.

The higher the quality requirements of the mechanical parts, the more strict the technical level of the machinery and equipment in the production and processing.

Forever continuous quenching and tempering furnace is used in the auto parts, motorcycle parts, tractor fittings, the parts of the mining machinery, the accessories of the textile machinery, the construction machinery, and the hardware tools.The technology is becoming more and more mature. We are willing to work together with you to create win-win results.



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